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The 2011 Student Fund Raising Campaign is growing!! Help a stipe by sending contributions and watch the kelp turn golden

It's an exciting time to be a phycologist. From biofuels to genomics and environmental research, research and education on algae is at an all-time high. Towards this end the Phycological Society of America supports many programs for its student members each year through its Endowment Funds, administered by the Board of Trustees. These funds have supported student travel to the Annual Meeting, Grants-in-Aid for research, and financial aid to attend courses in phycology at field stations. All are vital activities that help students do their work learn about algae, and become immersed in the phycological community that PSA fosters. We want to grow this student membership by making membership and participation in PSA activities more accessible and attractive to young members. You can help!

We want to capitalize on this interest by doubling support for student programs in the coming year 2011. In part we will do this through business as usual, by drawing on income from the Endowment Funds targeted for student programs. Through good management, these funds are healthy in terms of the level of principal. But in today's financial market, the level of income that Endowment Funds earn is down, and to double student support we need your help.

Elizabeth Lacey Stacy Kruger

PSA student members Elizabeth Lacey (left) and Stacy Kruger (right) were both recipients of PSA grants which aided their graduate research. Read about how PSA grants have supported student research and education.

Our goal is to raise a total of $25,000 in Endowment interest income and donations to double student support. This may not be a large amount compared to other fundraising efforts you have seen in your communities. But the strength of PSA has been in a solid level of steady contributions by a loyal membership, through Annual Meeting auctions, book royalties, and personal donations. We can meet this goal, with your support.


Sending contributions will colorize the kelp. There are several ways to contribute.

  1. Click on the button below to make a PayPal donation to PSA.

  2. You can write a check to "PSA Endowment" addressed to the PSA Endowment Fund Manager, Dr. Tim Nelson.

Dr. Tim Nelson
PSA Endowment Funds Manager
Department of Biology
Seattle Pacific University
3307 3rd Avenue West, Suite 205
Seattle, WA 98119 USA

All donations of any size are welcome. On behalf of PSA I thank you for your support, which will energize a part of our membership that is vital to our future.


Paul Hayes, Ph.D.
2010 President
Phycological Society of America