Grants-in-Aid of Research Program

For Student members of the Phycological Society of America

In 1987, the Phycological Society of America (PSA) established the Grants-in-Aid of Research Program. This program is designed to aid graduate students conducting research in phycology by making grants to defray research expenses. Funds to support these grants come from interest generated by the Education Fund of the PSA Endowment.

Eligibility: Applicants must be a graduate student with an active research programs in any area of phycology. The applicant must be a member of PSA. Deadline is November 1st.

Awards: Grants are made in the amount of up to $1,500. Awards are intended to enable the student to accomplish work otherwise not possible. Awards are made directly to the student. No part of the award may be used to pay indirect costs to the applicant's institution. All funds must be expended to support the proposed investigation. Supplies and equipment purchased shall become the property of the institution.

Evaluation and Selection: Selection of recipients will be based primarily on the applicant's research proposal and two supporting letters. Additional criteria will include evidence of past research achievements and the perceived future of the applicant as a researcher. Students can receive a maximum of two Grants in Aid awards in the course of their graduate education. Stipends are not funded. Travel to scientific meetings should be requested from other PSA programs. Tuition and expenses for taking critical techniques courses not available at the home institution will be considered. If an earlier notification is required for acceptance into a summer course or workshop, the applicant should note this on her/his application.

Application Procedure: Application Procedure: To be eligible for consideration, send one (1) electronic copy (Adobe Acrobat format preferably) of all application materials on or before November 1st. The applicant must submit the completed application and her/his current curriculum vitae. The curriculum vitae must include papers presented at meetings, publications, and grants and fellowships received. In addition, the applicant must request two letters of recommendation: one should be from their major professor and the other should be from someone who can comment on the applicant’s research and experience (for example, another member of the thesis committee). These letters should be submitted directly from the letter writers to ensure confidentiality. Applications and questions should be directed to Amy Carlile (email).

Successfully Funded Students: Students given awards will be required to submit 4 separate items. 1) A final report (1 page) that indicates the activity and how it benefited the student. 2) The student will be required to provide financial accounting (with receipts). 3) The student will be asked to provide a photograph of themself doing something professional and meaningful (e.g., in the Himalayas sampling snow algae, at the lab bench conducting research, etc.). 4) A short paragraph of what the student did with the PSA funding suitable for posting on the PSA Website. All of these items should be submitted to Amy Carlile as soon as possible.

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Application for Grant-In-Aid of Research in Phycology

NOTE: Your application must address all items below, and you must insure that the complete application, including the letters of recommendation are received by the application deadline. Incomplete applications, in part or whole, received after the deadline will NOT be reviewed.

  1. Name
  2. Address (include mailing address, phone number, and email)
  3. Name, address, and phone number(s) of major professor or advisor submitting letter of recommendation.
  4. Name, address, and phone number(s) of second individual submitting letter of recommendation.
  5. Title of proposed research project.
  6. Description of your proposed research. Maximum 1 page, Times New Roman 12 pt font. This page limit must include any figures, but need not include literature references.
  7. Location(s) where research will be conducted
  8. Proposed itemized budget (MAXIMUM TOTAL=$1,500). Include a brief justification for each item.
  9. Other support, including that from your institution, received for this project (List Award Name, Amount, and Date)
  10. List all previous PSA support. If any previous support was received describe how the current application differs from that previous award.