Workshops & Courses

UTEX 2014 Workshops at The University of Texas at Austin

March 19-21 Bioprospecting, Isolation and Analysis of Microalgae
Cost: $1000 (lunch included)
Description: This three-day workshop is designed to teach the principles and practices of microalgal strain collection, enrichment, screening, isolation, identification, and natural product characterization. Presentations and hands-on laboratory activities are tailored to take participants step by step through the process of collecting samples from the field, establishing and characterizing cultures, and identifying and analyzing metabolic products of interest.

June 4-6 Biochemistry and Laboratory Analysis of Biomass Composition
Cost: $1000 (lunch included)
Description: This three-day workshop was developed to provide an introduction to common laboratory techniques used for the analysis of microalgal biomass and biochemical content. Participants will have numerous opportunities to work in the laboratory observing cultures by microscopy, measuring cultures by spectrophotometry, performing gravimetric analyses, and bulk characterization of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates.

July 21-25 Introduction to Phycology: ecology, physiology and taxonomy - and - Genetic Modification of Cyanobacteria and Microalgae
Cost: $1800 (lunch included)
Description: This is an intensive five-day workshop covering a wide range of topics related to algal biodiversity. Detailed lectures and hands-on laboratory activities led by experts in the field are designed to provide a broad introduction to algal ecological diversity, natural habitats, cell biology, biochemistry, growth characteristics, nomenclature, phylogeny, and molecular genetics.

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