About Algae Online

Welcome to the first edition of al-je, an online publication about algae for use by the general public. This “zine” is sponsored by the Phycological Society of America (PSA), a professional association dedicated to promoting research, teaching, and outreach on algae-related topics.


In this zine we’ll bring you stories about everyday experiences with algae, such as dealing with algal growths in ornamental ponds, and aspects of algae that are much in the news, such as the industrial application of algae as sources of renewable bio-fuels or to clean waste waters.


You’ll also be able to read about how algal researchers do their work and hear why they’ve devoted their careers to learning more about algae. We’ll also bring you useful technical information such as how best to photograph incredibly beautiful algae, reports of public events at which algae are featured as a way of encouraging teaching and learning about nature, recipes featuring tasty and nutritious algae, and other articles designed for your enjoyment.


Please feel free to let us know what additional features you’d like to see.