Endowment Donations


Support the PSA Hoshaw Travel Awards

The Executive Committee is encouraging donations to the Hoshaw Travel Award, which supports student travel to the PSA Annual Meeting. By clicking the button below, you can use PayPal to give and your donation will be directed to the Hoshaw Travel award.  All donations to PSA are tax-deductible.

Support the PSA Croasdale Fellowship 

The Executive Committee is encouraging donations to the Croasdale Fellowship, which supports student attendance to phycology courses at biology field stations. By clicking the button below, you can use PayPal to give and your donation will be directed to the Croasdale Fellowship.  All donations to PSA are tax-deductible.

Make a Donation to PSA General Fund

Now you can use PayPal to donate money to the Phycological Society of America. All donations to PSA are tax-deductible.


Or mail a check payable to the Phycological Society of America Endowment:

Dr. Steve Murray
PSA Endowment Funds Manager
18102 Catalina Court
Yorba Linda, California
USA, 92886

Endowment Funds

The Phycological Society of America's Endowment Funds were established by the PSA through donations and fund raising activities that began in 1979 and are a continuing activity of the Society. The Endowment is supervised by the Board of Trustees which recommends particular actions for approval by the Executive Committee of the PSA. The Endowment Funds consist of several accounts which were established for particular scientific, educational, and award purposes. These funds are described in the Bylaws of the PSA (Article XI).

Tax-deductible contributions from members or friends of the PSA may be earmarked for a particular fund. They may be delivered to the Fund Manager. Please make checks payable to the Phycological Society of America Endowment and indicate to which fund(s) (see below) you wish the principal credited. Such contributions insure that the PSA's support of these function will continue in perpetuity as, in most cases, only the annual income is allocated to fund activities or awards. We also welcome suggestions and contributions towards new funds provided they are compatible with the purpose of the Phycological Society of America and fall within its Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit scientific and educational organization. Please contact a member of the Board of Trustees or Executive Committee for further details.

In addition to the PSA Endowment, the Board of Trustees manages two other PSA accounts, the Operating Reserve Fund and the Life Members' Fund, which are part of the PSA Treasury. All three funds are collectively managed through the trust division of a major national bank. The Endowment Funds are dedicated to the scientific, educational and award functions mentioned above. The accounts currently in the Endowment Funds and the activities they support include:

  • General Fund
    Revenue is primarily from Headquarters activities and general fund raising. Income supports Endowment management fees, Endowment fund raising, and Headquarters Room activities at the annual PSA meeting.
  • Publication Fund
    Revenue is derived from PSA sponsored publications and royalties (e.g., Handbook of Phycological Methods series). Income supports publication of phycologically important publications other than the Journal of Phycology. When the accumulated principal in this account exceeds a certain level, it is usually distributed to one of the other funds.
  • Bold Fund
    Honors Prof. Harold C. Bold and supports prize for Best Student Paper at the PSA's annual meeting. Much support for the funding of this prize was generated by activities of Bold's many students and friends.
  • Prescott Fund
    Honors Prof. Gerald W. Prescott and supports annual or biennial prize for the best monograph or book on algae published in the preceding one or two years.
  • Provasoli Fund
    Honors Prof. Luigi Provasoli, first editor of the Journal of Phycology. Supports the Provasoli Award for the best paper appearing in the Journal of Phycology during the previous year.
  • Lecture Fund
    Originally funded by honoraria contributed by the PSA's National Lecturer Program and supplemented by other funds from the PSA, income from this fund supports symposia and similar activities at the PSA's Annual Meeting.
  • Education and Research Fund (Commemorative Fund) 
    This fund commemorates all phycologists. The principal is funded by unexpended PSA Officer's annual budgets and other contributions. Income supports student research through the Grants-in-Aid of Research program.
  • Hoshaw Fund
    This fund honors Prof. Robert and Ruth Hoshaw and was established to recognize their many contributions to the PSA. They conceived the idea of a PSA Endowment Fund and worked many years towards its realization. Revenues are currently derived primarily from the Auction held at the Annual Meeting. Income supports the Hoshaw Travel Awards for travel of graduate students to the PSA's Annual Meeting.
  • Croasdale Fund
    This fund honors Prof. Hannah T. Croasdale. Income from this fund supports the Croasdale Fellowships to assist student participation in field courses on algae at field stations.
  • Lewin Fund
    This fund honors Prof. Ralph A. Lewin.  Income from this provides funds for the Lewin Poster Award given annually to the best student poster at a PSA meeting.  The Lewin Award acknowledges the importance of posters in developing student careers and their interest in algal research.  Often a poster is the first signification participation by a young scientist in research and the community of science.

  • Journal of Phycology Fund
    This fund supports publication of the the Journal of Phycology. At present it is the youngest of the endowment funds and is in a growth phase. The initial goal recognized by the Editoral Board and Executive Committee is to assist with publication of color illustrations in the Journal.
  • The PSA Operating Reserve Fund and Life Members' Fund
    These Funds are a portion of the PSA Treasury and are managed with the Endowment Funds for superior income and growth potential over the long term. At times, funds above that necessary for meeting the Operating Reserve's goal may be used to supplement other Funds.
  • PSA Operating Reserve
    Provides an operating reserve that would permit the PSA to survive through a final year (i.e., process and publish manuscripts in the Journal of Phycology's editorial pipeline, perhaps have one final annual meeting and shut down the PSA in an orderly fashion) should unforeseen circumstances force the dissolution of the PSA in its present form.