Hoshaw Travel Awards

For Student-members of the Phycological Society of America

Awards will be given to assist student-members to attend the annual meeting of the Phycological Society of America.

All students who wish to attend the PSA meeting are invited to apply using the following travel award application. All other factors equivalent, students who will present their research at the meeting (lecture or poster) will be given priority. The applicant must submit the completed application form (below) and her/his current curriculum vitae. The curriculum vitae must include papers presented at meetings, publications, grants, and fellowships received. The student must request a short letter of recommendation from his/her major advisor.

To be eligible for consideration, send one (1) electronic copy (Adobe Acrobat format preferably) of all application materials (see application below) to Sophie McCoy (email - mccoy@bio.fsu.edu). The deadline for this year is is April 2nd. To ensure confidentiality, one (1) copy of the letter of recommendation should be submitted directly from the advisor. Hoshaw Award recipients will be notified by e-mail. Questions should be directed to Sophie McCoy (email - mccoy@bio.fsu.edu). PSA meeting information including registration dates, venue, and local attractions can be found on this webpage.

Application for the Hoshaw Travel Award

NOTE: Your application must include all items below, and you must insure that the complete application, including the letter of recommendation is received by the application deadline. Incomplete applications, in part or whole, received after the deadline will NOT be reviewed.

  1. Name

  2. Address (Include your Phone Number, Fax Number, and E-mail address)

  3. Education (Institution, Degree, Date, Include work in progress and expected completion date)

  4. Participation (circle one)

    1. Contributed paper

    2. Poster

    3. Attending, not presenting

    4. Bold Award

  5. Please email a copy of your PSA meeting abstract.
    NOTE: To ensure a quality application you are strongly encouraged to have your abstract proofed by your advisor before submitting.

  6. Please email a condensed curriculum vita (2 page limit).

  7. List other attempts you have made (successful or not) to obtain assistance to attend this annual meeting.

  8. List all previous PSA support. If any previous support was received describe how the current application differs from that previous award.

  9. List your anticipated expenses to attend the PSA meeting. Please seek the least expensive travel arrangement to minimize the total expense.

Registration $_________ 
Travel $_________ 
Room/Board $_________
Total $_________

Please note: If actual meeting registration and accommodation fees are not available when you submit your application use the following amounts.

Registration = $250;
Hotel = $150/night; You are strongly encouraged to share a room to save on cost
Dorm = $75/night; You are strongly encouraged to share a room to save on cost