Beneath the Tide Premiere

This evening we had the pleasure of being the premiere for the documentary "Beneath the Tide".  This is a wonderful film about the farming of seaweeds and use in soap making  in Zanzibar as well as the socioeconomic impact on women in the community of Paje. Following the screening, the director, Kat Zoulas, was present to discuss the film and take questions from the audience about her experiences and thoughts on this project. In addition, John Stiller (past PSA president) presented the first Honorary Tiffany Award (more details of this new award will come in the future) to Kat for her work on this film. PSA became involved in this project two years ago when Kat contacted Kirsten Müller (PSA Communications Director) regarding support for the film.  This was then passed to then PSA President, John Stiller, who enthusiastically proposed support of this project to the PSA executive.  As a result of this support, PSA is recognized as Executive Producer.  

For those not able to attend this screening, Kat Zoulas will be taking this film to various festivals and we will hopefully have DVDs at future meetings.  As more information comes available, it will be announced on our social media sites and the PSA web page. Please come back and read the Fall PSA Newsletter for an article on this film by Juliet Brodie.