Books Published by PSA

The Phycological Society has published a number of books on algal topics.

  • A Color Atlas of Photosynthetic Euglenoids. by Richard E. Triemer and Ionel Ciugulea (2010)
  • Algal Culturing Techniques edited by R. A. Andersen (2005)
  • Prominent Phycologists of the 20th Century edited by D.J. Garbary and M.J. Wynne (1996)

Other Books

  • 2005 Prescott Award Winner: "Marine Green and Brown Algae of the Hawaiian Islands"by Isabella Abbott and John Huisman 
  •  Woelkerling, W.J., Gustavsen, G., Myklebost, H.E., Prestø, T., Såstad, S.M. 2005. The coralline red algal herbarium of Mikael Foslie: revised catalogue with analyses (PDF). Gunneria 77: 1-625.
  • Thor, E., Johansen S. and Nilsen, L.S. 2005. The collection of botanical letters to Mikael H. Foslie in the Gunnerus Library: a catalogue (PDF). Gunneria 78: 1-268.
  • Book series: Cellular Origins, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology (edited by Joseph Seckbach, published by Springer)
  • Balogh Scientific Books
  • Koeltz Scientific Books
  • Vedam Books from India
  • Bibliotheca Diatomologica (diatom monographs)