L.H. Tiffany Award


An initiative by the Phycological Society of America to identify and promote work that raises public awareness and communicates the importance of algae to humankind.

Administered by the Algae and Human Affairs Committee (Schonna Manning, Rick McCourt, Robert Andersen, Erik Ask, Katherine Perri, Trisha Spanbauer, Stan Geiger, Arley Muth)

The L. H. Tiffany Award was established in 2015 to honor L. H. Tiffany, the third president of the Phycological Society of America (1948-1949) and charter member of the Society whose book “The Grass of Many Waters” informed many about the world of algae and their importance. The initial funding for this award comes from a gift from N. Stan Geiger. The winner will be awarded a certificate and monetary prize.


Nominations should be sent by email to Schonna Manning.

Deadline: MARCH 31 2019.


1. Eligibility for consideration for the award:  Anyone (includes a team) who develops or produces an article, book, film/video, or presentation that enhances the awareness and/or importance of algae either within or outside the field of phycology during the previous 3 years.

2. The Committee will solicit nominations using the PSA listserve and accept written nominations from the phycological community.  Nominations may include articles, books, films- videos, presentations, etc.

3. The Committee will also search and review diverse sources/types of articles, books, films-videos, presentations, etc. that in their opinion enhances the awareness or importance of algae to the general populace.

4. The Committee will be responsible for selecting the awardee.

5. There is typically one award/year from the Endowment in the amount of $500.

 6. Nominations for the award will be made to the Committee by March 31 2017. The Committee will review, vote and select the awardee by April 15.

7. The awardee will be notified at least 40 days in advance of the PSA Annual Meeting and invited to attend to accept the award and provided a presentation opportunity.

Past winners

2019 Jillian Freese — A is for Algae (book)

2017 Josie Iselin – An Ocean Garden (book)

2015 Kat Zoulas – Beneath the Tides (documentary film)