Gerald W. Prescott Award

The Prescott Award is given to recognize scholarly work in English in the form of a published book or monograph devoted to phycology published in the previous years. Recipients are determined by the G.W. Prescott Award Committee.

Please consider nominating a book for The Gerald Prescott Award. The Prescott Award recognizes scholarly work in English in the form of a published book or monograph (including edited volumes and e-books) devoted to phycology and published in 2017 and 2018. The award will be presented at the 2019 Phycology meetings. 

All nominations must be received by April 1st.

Please send nominations to Deb Robertson, Clark University,, chair of the Prescott Award Committee.


2017 Prescott Award winnter

2017 Prescott Award winnter

Past Recipients

  • 2017 — David Schiel and Michael Foster. 2015. The Biology and Ecology of Giant Kelp Forests. University of California Press.

  • 2015 — Catriona Hurd, Paul Harrison, Kai Bischoff and Christopher Lobban. 2014. Seaweed Ecology and Physiology, 2nd Edition. Cambridge University Press. 562 pp. AND Mona Hoppenrath, Shauna Murray, Nicolas Chomérat, Takeo Horiguchi. 2014. Marine Benthic Dinoflagellates. Schweizerbart Science Publishers. 276 pp.

  • 2013 — Peter Siver and Paul Hamilton. 2011. Diatoms of North America: The Freshwater Flora of Waterbodies on the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Gantner Verlag. 923 pp.

  • 2011 — Ionel Ciugulea and Richard E. Triemer. 2010. A Color Atlas of Photosynthetic Euglenoids. Michigan State University Press. AND Elizabeth Harris 2009. The ChlamydomonasSourcebook (Second Edition): Introduction to Chlamydomonas and Its Laboratory Use. Academic Press.

  • 2008 — Paul G. Falkowski and John A. Raven. 2007 Aquatic Photosynthesis (Second Edition).Princeton University Press.

  • 2005 — Isabella Abbott and John Huisman. 2004. Marine Green and Brown Algae of the Hawaiian Islands. Bishop Museum Press.

  • 2002 — Diane S. Littler and Mark M. Littler. 2000. Caribbean Reef Plants: An Identification Guide to the Reef Plants of the Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, and Gulf of Mexico. OffShore Graphics Inc., Washington DC. 542 pp. [725 underwater photographs, 1645 line drawings.]

  • 2001 — Jirí Komárek and Konstantinos Anagnostidis. 1999. Cyanoprokaryota 1. Teil: Chroococcales [In: Ettl, H., Gärtner, G., Heynig, H., Mollenhauer, D. (eds.) SuBwasserflora von Mitteleuropa 19/1.] Gustav Fischer, Jena. 548 pp.

  • 1999 — H. Bryan S. Womersley (with co-authors Elise M. Wollaston, Robert N. Baldock, John M. Huisman and Murray J. Parsons). 1998. The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia. Rhodophyta, Part IIIC. Ceramiales - Ceramiaceae, Dasyaceae. 535 pp.

  • 1997 — Hilda Canter-Lund and John W. G. Lund. 1995. Freshwater Algae: Their Microscopic World Explored. BioPress Ltd, Bristol. 360 pp.

  • 1997 — Christian van den Hoek, David G. Mann and H. M. Jahns. 1995. Algae: An Introduction to Phycology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 623 pp.

  • 1995 — Max H. Hommersand and Christine A. Maggs. 1993. Seaweeds of the British Isles. vol. 2 (part 3A): Ceramiales. HMSO, The Natural History Museum, London. 444 pp.

  • 1994 — Sigrid Berger and M. J. Kaever. 1992. Dasycladales: An Illustrated Monograph of a Fascinating Algal Order. Georg. Thermal Stuttgart/Oxford University Press, NY. 247 pp.

  • 1993 — Craig W. Schneider and Richard B. Searles. 1991. Seaweeds of the Southeastern United States: Cape Hatteras to Cape Canaveral. Duke University Press, Durham, NC. 553 pp.

  • 1991 — R. Round, R. Crawford and David Mann. 1990. The Diatoms: Biology and Morphology of the Genera. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England. 747 pp.

  • 1989 — William J. Woelkerling. 1988. The Coralline Red Algae: An Analysis of the Genera and Subfamilies of Nongeniculate Corallinaceae. British Museum (Natural History), London, and Oxford University Press, Oxford, England. 268 pp.

  • 1987 — Harold C. Bold and Michael J. Wynne. 1985. Introduction to the Algae: Structure and Reproduction. Prentice-Hall, Inc. Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 720 pp.

  • 1985 — H. Bryan S. Womersley. 1984. The Marine Benthic Flora of Southern Australia. Part 1. D.J. Woolman. Government Printer, Adelaide, South Australia. 329 pp.

  • 1983 — Matthew J. Dring. 1983.The Biology of Marine Plants. Edward Arnold, Baltimore, MD. 208 pp.