The Amazing World of Algae DVD

Our world is the world of algae. Algae are all around us, in practically any freshwater or marine habitat, in the soils, cold arctic and Antarctic ocean waters, hot springs, caves, deserts, and even in the Jetstream.

Many millions of years ago, oxygen produced by algae made our planet suitable for the evolution of life we see around us now. Much more recently, green algae colonized fresh waters and eventually gave rise to all land plants. Today, algae comprise an astonishing diversity of species and contain some of the world's oldest and most unusual creatures that come in an amazing variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and lifestyles. Many ecosystems rely on algae for habitat and food source. But humans, too, make extensive use of algae: algae play a significant role in our daily lives without most of us even realizing it. They are in our shampoos, toothpastes, food, and much more. Besides that, algae provide us with insights into big issues such as global climate change, and store great potential for fuel and food production, as well as wastewater treatment. Much has been learned about algae in the past decades and much has been implemented into modern technologies, but much remains a mystery yet to be resolved by scientists worldwide.

Produced for the Phycological Society of America, "The Amazing World of Algae" highlights critical roles that algae play in Earth's ecosystems, as well as the rapidly expanding applications of algae that could help solve some of the world's most pressing environmental issues.

Copies of the DVD are available for a minimum donation of $10 to the PSA Endowment. To order your Amazing World of Algae DVD, contact Dr. Rick McCourt, Chair of the PSA Board of Trustees at, or click on the banner below: