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PSA 2019 Annual Meeting

  • Hollywood Beach Marriott 2501 North Ocean Drive Hollywood, FL, 33019 United States (map)

Hello Phycophiles!

On behalf of the local organizing committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Phycological Society of America from June 23 to June 27 in Hollywood Beach. The meeting will be held at the magnificent beachside Hollywood Beach Marriott.


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We have a special group rate ($149.00 per night + taxes) at the Hollywood Beach Marriott. Online reservation can be done through this link or you can call the reservations team at +1 855-314-1984 and mention that you are with the Phycological Society of America Annual Meeting. When reserving online, an amenity fee will be added, but that will be removed at the property when you pay. The reservation cut-off date with this price is June 3rd, 2019. There are some rooms available for up to 3 days prior and after the conference for those that want to enjoy more days in the sun. For those of you searching for roommates, we have created a form here to help.

How to get here?

Ft. Lauderdale is located in the greater Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metropolitan area with a population of over 6 million. The conference will be held in Hollywood Beach, which is 6 miles (10 km) from the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and 27 miles (44 km) from Miami International Airport (MIA).


We have an exciting program with excellent keynote and plenary lectures in development centered around Algae and Climate Change.

Presidential Symposium: Climate change and our fragile polar ecosystems

The plenary lecture will be given by Susan R. Eaton @SusanREaton_Geo, Geoscientist, journalist and polar explorer who founded @SednaEpic. This symposium includes seminars by Dr. Warwick Vincent (Université Laval) on cyanobacteria and the Pole to Pole Paradox; Dr. Hilary McManus (Le Moyne College) on women in STEM, Antarctica and how diversity in leadership can inform climate change policy; and our very own Maggie Amsler (PSA Membership Director, University of Alabama) on her experiences in 27 trips to the Antarctic.

Student-Organized Symposium: What goes on, on the inside? Connecting algal physiology, their distribution and climate change

This symposium will include presentations on algal physiology and their response to increased temperatures and ocean acidification in temperate and tropical systems, as well as using freshwater diatoms to assess long term changes to aquatic communities.

Speakers: Dr. Catriona Hurd (University of Tasmania), Dr. Maggie Johnson (Smithsonian Institution), Dr. Evelyn Gaiser (Florida International University)

Applied Symposium: From micro to macro: nuisance algae and their management.

This symposium will include presentations on micro- and macro- harmful and nuisance algae from freshwater to marine environments. The lectures will cover algal biology and ecology, bloom dynamics, toxin production and fate, and algal management.

Plenary Speaker: Dr. Clarissa Anderson (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego)

Speakers: Dr. Ligia Collado-Vides (Florida International University), Dr. West Bishop (SePRO Corporation), Dr. Barry Rosen (US Geological Survey), Dr. Patrick Kangas (University of Maryland)


Abstract submission

Deadline is midnight (23:59 Pacific Standard Time) on 8 May 2019. Please follow the abstract preparation guidelines here. These guidelines and procedures must be followed exactly. If not, your paper will not be accepted. Please submit your abstract through the PSA 2019 registration website: Please contact us if you need a letter of acceptance or invitation to the Conference.

Selection of session topic is designed to facilitate assignment of your abstract to members of the Scientific Program Committee for review. Meeting sessions may not match exactly this list of topics. The Scientific Program Committee will make every attempt to group your presentation with those of similar topic. Priority is given to the overall scientific program and, therefore, final placement is solely at the discretion of the organizing committee. Please select your session topic code from the list of contributed session below.

Poster dimensions are a maximum of 3ft wide x 4ft long.

Contributed Sessions

C01: Phylogeny and Systematics
C02: Cell Biology
C03: Ecology
C04: Population Biology
C05: Biodiversity
C06: Harmful Algal Blooms
C07: Genomics
C08: Evolution
C09: Molecular Biology
C10: Applied Phycology
C11: Terrestrial/Aerophytic algae
C12: Ocean Acidification/Global Change
C13: Biogeography
C14: Phycological Education and Outreach
C15: Bold Award Participant (Students who want to be eligible for the Bold Award for the best oral presentation.)
C16: Lewin Award Participant (Students who want to be eligible for the Lewin Award for the best poster presentation.)
S01: Invited speakers

Pre-meeting excursions (Saturday, June 22nd)

South Florida is home to a host of ecosystems begging rediscovery. Please join us on either of our two excursions to get a handle of the beauty and majestic creatures that inhabit our land and sea, and areas in between. However, if you are not able to attend one of the excursions, here is a list of some other local activities.

Key Largo - Snorkeling the Reefs ($90)

This excursion includes a four-hour trip through the beautiful South-Florida marine waterways including several reefs located in the Keys with knowledgeable tour guides. You will be visiting reef structures including ledges, spurs and grooves. You will have the opportunity to observe a variety of warm-water algal taxa including Dictyota, Caulerpa, Sargassum, Champia, Halimeda, Penicillus, Acanthophora, and Dasya, just to name a few! You also might see reef sharks, stingrays (Yellow and Southern), minnows, sea turtles (green, loggerhead, and hawksbill), groupers, parrotfish, brain corals, sea sponges, spiny lobsters, and many more!

Everglades - Airboat ride through the Everglades wetland ($55)

This excursion includes a cool, air-blasting, three-hour private airboat ride through the Everglades led by one of our own Everglades expert. The tour begins in the Everglades Water Conservation Area 3a (Miccosukee reservation), with detailed descriptions of the environment and identification of its wonderful species including, but not limited to periphyton mats, the American alligator, sawgrass, pond apple trees, cypress trees, snapping turtles, anhinga, wood storks, ospreys, great blue herons, and many more! You will have the opportunity to visit Hardwood Hammock areas, where you can handle baby alligators and turtles and learn about the wildlife, the history of the area, and the people who inhabit it.

Workshops (Sunday, June 23rd and Wednesday, June 26th)

Remote Sensing of Algal Communities

Date: Sunday, June 23, 2019. Time: 1-4pm Cost: $35

Description: This workshop will provide attendees a background in remote sensing of algal communities including applications like monitoring harmful algal blooms, assessing spread of invasive species, resource mapping, and more. It will cover:

  • An overview of available processing and analysis software (free and pay for)

  • Information on the benefits of using certain platforms (such as drones, planes and satellites) and sensors (RGB, multispectral and hyperspectral), which would be best applied to certain research questions

  • Overview of technical skills and licensing needed for using survey tools (drones) and image processing.

This workshop is open to all students, early career, and Professors. Tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring a laptop for using software (freeware). There will be AV equipment and power sockets (US plug size only) available in the room.

Facilitators: Dr. Clarissa Anderson (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), Dr. Kaytee Pokrzywinski (US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center)

An Introduction to the International Code of Nomenclature (ICN) for Phycologists (**New time)

Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2019. Time: 2-4pm Cost: $25

Description: This workshop will discuss the requirements of the ICN for the effective, valid and legitimate publication of names of algae. The structure will include a presentation and plenty of time for questions and discussions. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Facilitators: Dr. Mike Guiry (AlgaeBase and Notulae Algarum, National University of Ireland, Galway), Dr. Craig Schneider (Trinity College), Dr. Mike Wynne (University of Michigan)

Registration fees

Please visit to register for PSA 2019. Included in the full fees are the opening mixer, morning and afternoon coffee breaks, lunch, banquet, drink tickets, and receptions during the poster session and auction.

Early Registration Fees (prior to May 8, 2019):
Regular (member) = $395
Retired (member) = $350
Student/Postdoc (member) = $195
Regular (non-member) = $495
Guest/Spouse (attendance at banquet and all receptions) = $110
Extra banquet ticket = $70
One day (no drink tickets, no banquet ticket) = $95

After May 8, 2019 Registration Fees:
Regular (member) = $445
Retired (member) = $400
Student/Postdoc (member) = $245
Regular (non-member) = $545
Guest/Spouse (attendance at banquet and all receptions) = $160

We look forward to seeing you in sunny South Florida!

Best regards,

Dail Laughinghouse and Amy Carlile

Local Organizing Committee

Dail Laughinghouse, University of Florida/IFAS
David Berthold, University of Florida/IFAS
Evelyn Gaiser, Florida International University
Ligia Collado-Vides, Florida International University

PSA Program Manager

Amy Carlile, University of New Haven

PSA President

Kirsten Müller, University of Waterloo

PSA Code of Conduct


Phycological Society of America

University of Florida / IFAS