The Deadline for PSA Grants-In-Aid of Research is November 1, 2010

Students that would like to be considered for the Grants-In-Aid of Research for this year must ensure that they submit the following items to Dr. Eric W. Linton, Chair of the Grants-In-Aid of Research Committee via electronic submission in PDF or Microsoft Word (.doc) format:

1. A complete application.

2. A curriculum vitae, which must include papers presented at meetings, publications, and grants and fellowships received.

3. Two letters of recommendation. One from his/her major advisor and another from a member of the thesis committee.

NOTE: Beginning this year students that receive this award will have four reporting requirements to the PSA, such as a 1 page final report. Please see the application web page for complete details.

Additional information on the qualifications and criteria for these awards can be found at the Grants-In-Aid of Research web page.

Please contact Dr. Eric W. Linton if you have any additional questions or concerns.