Algae and Human Health Symposium


The Phycological Society of America, a scientific society that includes all aspects of basic and applied research on algae, invites participation by health professionals in its annual meeting in Seattle, July 13-16, 2011. Of particular interest is the symposium "Algae and Human Health", which will be held in Kane Hall, on the University of Washington campus on July 15 (Saturday), 8:30-12:00. The symposium (organized by Drs. Pat Tester and Wayne Litaker will highlight positive and negative effects of algae on human health. Speakers will include Dr. Lora Fleming (MD, MPH, PhD, MSc) of the University of Miami and European Centre for Environmental Human Health, who will speak on ciguatoxins and brevetoxins; Dr. Lorraine Backer (PhD, MPH) of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who will speak on cyanotoxins; Dr. Sherwood Hall (PhD) of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, who will speak on saxitoxins and domoic acid poisoning; and Dr. Prannie Rhatigan (Irish General Practitioner and author of The Irish Seaweed Kitchen) who will speak on "Algae in the Kitchen: Sea Vegetables for Everyday Health".

Additional activities in the afternoon on July 15 will include cooking demonstrations by Dr. Rhatigan and nutritional discussions with Drs. Rhatigan and Gaile Moe at Seattle Pacific University and contributed papers and posters at the University of Washington on all aspects of algae and human health, including a presentation by the PSA Committee on Nutrition and Functional Foods. A Sustainable Seafoods/Sea Vegetable Dinner (menu) at the University of Washington Faculty Club will be held on the evening of the 15th .

A special one-day registration fee of $80 will be offered to Health Professionals (advance registration required and open on March 25, 2011). More information at about the PSA meeting can be found this webpage. The PSA encourages health professionals who do related research to present contributed papers (see the registration website for information on May 2nd due date for abstract submission). At registration, health professionals may also sign-up for a cooking demo ($25), a ticket ($27) for the evening dinner at the UW Faculty Club, and a marine algal field trip ($25); the field trip will be on July 12. Many other aspects of this meeting may be of interest to health professionals; program and registration information for the entire meeting is available at the PSA meeting 2011 webpage. The PSA gratefully acknowledges the co-support of these activities by Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Inc., Acadian SeaPlants, Ltd., and the University of Washington's NSF/NIEHS-funded Pacific Northwest Center for Human Health and Ocean Studies.

Contact for additional information:

Dr. Patricia Tester 1-252-728-8792

Dr. Susan Brawley 1-207-581-2973