Thank You 2011 Meeting Volunteers!

The Phycological Society of America appreciates the efforts of following people for providing a lovely meeting at the University of Washington in 2011.

  • Dale Casamatta, PSA Program Director
  • Tim Nelson, Local Organizer
  • Rick McCourt, PSA Headquarters Room
  • Bob Waaland, PSA Headquarters Room and Van Driving
  • Susan Waaland, PSA Headquarters Room and Registration
  • Julie Koester, Local Student Representive and Field Trip Guru
  • Jessica Muhlin, Workshop Coordinator
  • Charley O'Kelly, Field Trip Leader
  • Rob Fitch, Field Trip Leader
  • Paul Gabrielson, Bold/Lewin Award Chair and Van Driving
  • Gaile Moe, Contributed to the Cooking Demo
  • Craig Aumack, Student Mixer Coordinator
  • Matt Bennett, Twitter Feeds and Scavenger Hunt
  • Rick Ridgway, Assisted with Registration
  • Myles Melton, Assisted with Registration
  • Justin Hylarides, Assisted with Registration
  • Stephanie Verhulst, PSA Auction
  • Art Omran, PSA Auction
  • Holly Stocks, PSA Auction

The 2011 PSA annual meeting program is available for download.