PSA Begins Collaboration in 2011 with BSA to Award Darbaker Prize: Nominations Close April 1st

At the request of the Botanical Society of America (BSA), the PSA will collaborate with the BSA to award the Darbaker Prize for meritorious studies of microscopical algae. Nominations are now open and will close April 1, 2011. The PSA has appointed the 2011 Darbaker Committee, which was then also appointed by the BSA to meet the terms of the BSA's Darbaker Endowment. The Prize is awarded to a resident of North America for "meritorious studies of microscopical algae published in English ... based primarily on papers published during the last two calendar years" (i.e., 2009, 2010). The awardee receives a certificate and monetary prize; this is an additional opportunity for us to recognize splendid work by a phycologist, including younger scientists. The awardee will be recognized at both the PSA and BSA annual meetings. Please participate in the nominations for this distinguished prize. At this website, the nominator must submit pdf copies of the recent papers (2009, 2010) of the nominee that should be considered by the Committee, and a statement about the merit of the nominee's research.

-Susan Brawley
2011 PSA President