PSA Call for Nominations

Dear Colleague,

We are requesting your help. The PSA needs dedicated and capable individuals to fill the following positions:

  • PSA Vice President/President Elect                              You can nominate 2 people
  • International Vice President                                          You can nominate 2 people
  • Secretary                                                                              You can nominate 2 people
  • Student Member Representative                                  You can nominate 2 people
  • Editorial Board Members                                                You can nominate 4 people
  • Editor for the Journal of Phycology                                You can nominate 4 people

We would appreciate your taking the time to nominate individuals who you think would be able and willing to fill these positions. Finding the proper individuals is critical for maintaining a dynamic and growing Society capable of representing the full range of phycological research.

An email from was sent February 16, 2011 to all PSA members. This email contains your PSA member specific link to access the nominations form.

The nominations period will close on March 1, 2011 at midnight (EDT).

Wayne Litaker
Elections Committee Chair